Last week Tokyo hosted the Mobility Innovation Week / Post-SIPadus Symposium, a relevant event in which international representatives from all over the world shared their views on the latest developments of safety assurance.

Stefan de Vries, SUNRISE project coordinator, gave a general introduction on the SUNRISE project (“Key note 6”) and presented a short summary of the first results that the SUNRISE project produced (“Scenario study”).

He emphasised the role of international collaboration to push vehicle safety bodies for shared interests and objectives. De Vries’ presentation was followed by a panel session (“Sharing Continuous Integration Story”), in which representatives of the SUNRISE/VVM/SAKURA/AVSC alliance also participated (among others). Mr De Vries says: “Although further efforts will be needed to deepen the cooperation, this joint panel session brought us a step closer to alignment of our initiatives, which I see as a prerequisite for vehicle safety bodies to adopt our safety assurance frameworks and best practices.”

The panel session gathered SUNRISE “main twins” and allowed to advance on the mutual cooperation:

  • Edward Straub from ASCV
  • Henning Mosebach from V&V Methods
  • Stefan de Vries from SUNRISE
  • Hiroki Nakamura from Sakura

Edward Straub from ASCV, Henning Mosebach from V&V Methods, Stefan de Vries from SUNRISE, Hiroki Nakamura from Sakura