Stefan de Vries, SUNRISE Project Coordinator, presented SUNRISE at the RTR Conference 2024 in Brussels on 05 February 2024. In his presentation, he highlighted the project’s main features, goals and characteristics. Mr de Vries took the chance to update the audience on the latest developments that SUNRISE consortium has achieved since its start in September 2022.

Key accomplishments include:

  1. Benchmarking to identify other safety assurance frameworks worldwide, resulting in the identification of four main user groups each with their own needs and expectations: Homologation Technical Service, Euro-NCAP, OEM, and Scenario Database Hosts.
  2. Development of a Method proposing a diverse range of test environments, including physical, virtual, and hybrid options, procedures for scenario allocation across the toolchain, and rating procedures.
  3. Definition of the Toolchain components, including a test case manager, the subject vehicle, environmental factors, diverse traffic agents, and simulation model validation.
  4. Development of the SUNRISE data framework including a harmonized ontology, facilitating unified access to a wide variety of external scenario databases through one single portal.

The impact of SUNRISE aligns with CCAM Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) objectives, particularly on validated safety and security, improved robustness and resilience of CCAM technologies and systems. The establishment and adoption of the SUNRISE Safety Assurance Framework are anticipated to bring societal and economic benefits, notably improving the safety and security of the transport system significantly.

Stay tuned to deep dive into the technical aspects of SUNRISE work: the upcoming mid-term event will mark an important milestone and allow SUNRISE partners to present a draft version of their main product, the CCAM Safety Assurance Framework.